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Located in Northriding, Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Please note no cancellations within 24 hours. If you arrive 10 minutes late, we reserve the right to give your slot to another client.

Plaiting includes Wash & Beads
Braids,Twists & Straightback include Wash, Hairpiece & Beads   

Our Services Include:

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- Hair wash (R70)
- Special Requests (R60)
- Undo Braids (R120)
- Undo Cornrows (R80)

Hair - Braids
- Bob Braids (R400)
- Long Length Braids (R700)
- Medium Length Braids (R450)
- Shoulder Length Braids (R550)
- Thick Thick Box Braids (R350)

Hair - Plaiting
- Ben & Betty (R130)
- Cornrows with Hairpiece(R250)
- Cornrows/ Freehand (R220)
- Needle Cornrow(Style)& Hairpiece(R250)
- Needle Cornrow(Style)& Wool (R250)
- Needle Cornrows (Plain) & Wool(R230)
- Needle Cornrows (Plain) (R200)
- Needle Cornrows (Plain)& Hairpiece(R230)
- Needle Cornrows (Style) (R230)

Hair - Relaxers
- Blow Out (R150)
- Dark and Lovely Relaxer (R160)
- Ladine Treatment (R140)
- Smooth and Shine Relaxer (R180)
- Smooth and Shine Treatment (R120)

Hair - Straightback
- Adults - Mohawk (R380)
- Adults - Needle Cornrows(Plain) (R230)
- Adults - Needle Cornrows(Style)(R260)
- Adults - Normal Straight Back (R280)
- Adults - Straight up (R300)
- Adults - Thick Lines (6 lines) (R200)
- Adults -Needle Cornrows & Hairpiece(R300

Hair Cut
- Chiskop (R50)
- Style Hair Cut (R70)

Hair Styling
- Dreadlocks - Twist & Style (R300)
- Dreadlocks-Wash Moulding & Styling(R250)

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Shop A14 First Floor
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Northview Shopping Centre

Tel 1: 011 075 2220