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Our Services Include:

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- Skin Analysis

Facial & Chemical Peels
- Azelan Peel R850
- Elaine Brennan Micro Peel R1850
- Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel R7000
- Jessner Peel R850
- Lactic Acid Peel R850
- Mandelic Peel R850
- MelanostopTranex &Periocular Peel R1300
- Periocular Peel R650

Facial - Dermalogica
- Face Fit (R120)
- Face Mapping
- Pro Power Peel 30 R675
- Pro Power Peel 60 R875
- Proskin 30 R375
- Proskin 60 R770

Laser Hair Removal
- LHR Ladies 1 Shot for stray hairs R50
- LHR Ladies Belly Button Path R200
- LHR Ladies Bikini Sides & Top R400
- LHR Ladies Bikini Sides R350
- LHR Ladies Brows R200
- LHR Ladies Bum Cheeks R350
- LHR Ladies Cheeks R300
- LHR Ladies Chest R900
- LHR Ladies Chin & Jawline R350
- LHR Ladies Chin R250
- LHR Ladies Cleavage Line R230
- LHR Ladies Earlobes R250
- LHR Ladies Extended R550
- LHR Ladies Feet incl Toes R200
- LHR Ladies Forearms incl Elbow R700
- LHR Ladies Forehead R250
- LHR Ladies Full Arms R1000
- LHR Ladies Full Back R1100
- LHR Ladies Full Bikini R700
- LHR Ladies Full Face R560
- LHR Ladies Full Face R700
- LHR Ladies Full Leg R2100
- LHR Ladies Half Back R900
- LHR Ladies Jawline R250
- LHR Ladies Lower Leg R1100
- LHR Ladies Neck Front R200
- LHR Ladies Neck R200
- LHR Ladies Nipples R150
- LHR Ladies Nose R150
- LHR Ladies Shoulders R700
- LHR Ladies Stomach R750
- LHR Ladies Three Quarter Leg R1400
- LHR Ladies Top Leg R1200
- LHR Ladies Under Arms R350
- LHR Ladies Upper Lip R200
- LHR Men Belly Button Path R240
- LHR Men Chest R1080
- LHR Men Chin R300
- LHR Men Cleavage Line R276
- LHR Men Feet incl Toes R240
- LHR Men Forearms incl Elbow R840
- LHR Men Full Arms R1200
- LHR Men Full Back R1320
- LHR Men Full Leg R2520
- LHR Men Half Back R1080
- LHR Men Lower Leg R1320
- LHR Men Nipples R180
- LHR Men Shoulders R840
- LHR Men Stomach R900
- LHR Men Three Quarter Leg R1680
- LHR Men Top Leg R1440
- LHR Men Under Arms R420
- LHR Men Upper Lip R240
- LHR Mens Bikini Sides & Top R480
- LHR Mens Brows R240
- LHR Mens Bum Cheeks R420
- LHR Mens Cheeks R360
- LHR Mens Chin & Jawline R420
- LHR Mens Earlobe R180
- LHR Mens Extended R660
- LHR Mens Full Bikini R840
- LHR Mens Jawline R300
- LHR Mens Neck Back R240
- LHR Mens Neck Front R240
- LHR Mens Nose R180
- LHR Mens Sides R420
- LHR Teen Belly Button Path R160
- LHR Teen Bikini Sides & Top R320
- LHR Teen Bikini Sides R280
- LHR Teen Brows R160
- LHR Teen Bum Cheeks R280
- LHR Teen Cheeks R240
- LHR Teen Chest R720
- LHR Teen Chin & Jawline R280
- LHR Teen Chin R200
- LHR Teen Cleavage Line R190
- LHR Teen Earlobe R120
- LHR Teen Extended R440
- LHR Teen Feet incl Toes R160
- LHR Teen Forearms incl Elbow R560
- LHR Teen Forehead R200
- LHR Teen Full Back R880
- LHR Teen Full Bikini R560
- LHR Teen Full Leg R1680
- LHR Teen Half Back R720
- LHR Teen Jawline R200
- LHR Teen Lower Leg R880
- LHR Teen Neck Back R160
- LHR Teen Neck Front R160
- LHR Teen Nose R120
- LHR Teen Shoulders R560
- LHR Teen Stomach R600
- LHR Teen Three Quarter Leg R1120
- LHR Teen Top Leg R960
- LHR Teen Under Arms R280
- LHR Teen Upper Lip R160

- Dermapen Microneedling R500
- Microneedling & Mesoesthetic Peel R1600
- Microneedling & Periocular Peel R975

- Gelish Feet R250
- Gelish Hands R250
- Gelish Soft Gel Soak Off R70
- Nail Repair with Soft Gel Tip R40
- Soak Off (when doing a New Set) R40
- Soak Off Only (with File & Buff) R60
- Soft Gel Tips & Gelish R450
- Soft Gel Tips with Back Fill R395

Ozone Therapy
- Ozone Therapy (30min) R250

Skin Tightening
- Velashape Buttocks R1150
- Velashape Facial Face and Neck R1150
- Velashape Love Handles R1150
- Velashape Thighs (back) R1150
- Velashape Thighs (front) R1150
- Velashape Upper Arms R1150

- Velashape 3 Stomach R1150
- Velashape 3 Thighs (back) R1150
- Velashape 3 Thighs (front) R1150

- Threading Brows Lip & Chin R220
- Threading Brows & Lip R150
- Threading Brows R90
- Threading Chin R90
- Threading Full Face R270
- Threading Lip R90

- Brow Tint R80
- Lash & Brow Tint R150
- Lash Tint R100

- Wax Ladies Basic Bikini R130
- Wax Ladies Brazilian R200
- Wax Ladies Brow Lip & Chin R200
- Wax Ladies Brow & Lip R130
- Wax Ladies Brows R80
- Wax Ladies Chin R80
- Wax Ladies Full Arm R200
- Wax Ladies Full Back R250
- Wax Ladies Full Face R250
- Wax Ladies Full Leg R240
- Wax Ladies Half Arm R130
- Wax Ladies Half Leg R190
- Wax Ladies Hollywood R250
- Wax Ladies Lip R80
- Wax Ladies Stomach R150
- Wax Ladies Three Quarter Leg R210
- Wax Ladies Underarms R110
- Wax Men Brows R100
- Wax Men Full Arm R250
- Wax Men Full Back R300
- Wax Men Full Leg R300

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