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People assume that a professional waxing treatment is extremely painful and traumatic. This perception Is influenced by bad quality products and therapists that lack the necessary training or specialist skills that are required to ensure a stress-free waxing experience for the client. We often wonder why other salons take 1 1/2 hours to complete a full leg wax, while at Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists a full male body wax is accomplished in the same amount of time.

Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists have developed smooth operations in Northcliff, Johannesburg and Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, where clients can do their own bookings on our live online diary. We have privately situated waxing studios with free allocated parking. Our clients are greeted by highly trained and friendly waxing specialists that are committed to make them feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they arrive. Our rooms are kept sparkling clean and all our equipment is well maintained.

Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists use only quality products for intimate areas. These products are specifically formulated for delicate skin and used with a protective oil base to prevent damage or irritation. Male and female bodies are in very capable hands and every waxing concern is discussed in detail - from the “landscaping” a client prefers, to ingrown hair queries. Clients that are still a little bit worried or concerned, can book a free wax consultation to understand what a truly professional wax entails, and even try a test patch.

Our clients don't have to worry about painful drawn out waxing sessions, unhygienic rooms or being trapped on a bed with a poorly trained therapist that complains about her life. Come to a place where waxing is done like it should have been done from the inception of the beauty industry - stress-free with minimal pain and no damage to the skin. It is after all hair removal not skin removal. De-fluff professionally with us and you will swear by it, not at it.

Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists is a member of SAAHSP. We maintain extremely high standards in the field of hair removal. All staff are highly trained in de-fluff techniques, and are certified through a gruelling curriculum at Fast and Furious Waxing Academy. We train the public to become waxing specialists, and retrain beauty therapists in correct waxing techniques. Book now! Don't be shy - we are the real waxing professionals.

Our Business Hours:

Monday: 8am - 6pm
Tuesday: 7am - 7pm
Wednesday: 7am - 7pm
Thursday: 7am - 7pm
Friday: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
Peace Street
Cape Town

Tel: 072 179 3842

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Our Services Include:

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Female Waxing
- F Brow Make Over(wax/shape/shade) (R185)
- Fem Barbie Bare 1st Time+Homecare (R485)
- Female Arms Wax - Full (R235)
- Female Arms Wax - Half (R170)
- Female Barbie Bare Follow Up (R370)
- Female Bikini Line Swimsuit (R240)
- Female Brow and Lash Tint (R185)
- Female Brow Tint (R95)
- Female Brow/Lip/Chin Wax (R90 each)
- Female Buttocks Only (R115)
- Female Chest Wax (R160)
- Female Full Legs Wax both (R320)
- Female G-string Wax (R275)
- Female Half Leg Wax both (R230)
- Female Spot Random Fluff Wax (R115)
- Female Stomach Wax (R160)
- Female Three Quarter Leg Wax (R270)
- Female Underarms Wax both (R165)
- Ingrown Hair Removal Lancet Session(R130
- Lash Tint (R100)
- Vajazzle Swarovski - Any Design (R165)

Male Waxing
- Full Body Wax ( price per area)
- Male Back,Neck,Shoulders 1st+HomeC(R395)
- Male Back,Neck,Shoulders Follow up(R315)
- Male Bikini Line Speedo Wax (R275)
- Male Brazilian 1st Time +HomeCare (R635
- Male Brow/Nose/Ears Wax (R90 each)
- Male Buttocks Wax Only (R150)
- Male Chest & Stomach 1st+HomeC(R395)
- Male Chest & Stomach Follow Up (R315)
- Male Chest Wax Only (R225)
- Male Crack & Buttocks Wax (R270)
- Male Crack Wax Only (R165)
- Male Full Arms Wax both (R255)
- Male Full Leg Wax (R350)
- Male Half Arms Wax both (R195)
- Male Half Back Wax Only (R225)
- Male Ken Bare 1st Time+ Homecare (R635)
- Male Ken Bare/Brazilian Follow Up (R520)
- Male Spot Random Fluff Wax (R120)
- Male Stomach Wax Only (R225)
- Male Underarms Wax both (R175)

- Female Cherry Barbie Peel+HomeC (R320)
- Full Body Fruit Acid Leave onPeel(R1040)
- High Frequency 5 min (R155)
- Male Banana Ken Peel+HomeC (R330)
- Spot Peel Any Area (R135)
- Underarms Pigmentation Peel (R265)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.


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