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On the off chance that you are new to the idea of IV Vitamin Drip therapy, you may be asking why you're hearing such a huge amount about it. For what reason is it being depended upon by proficient competitors and CEOs to mothers with four children? We established a climate above all for people looking to help their general wellbeing and prosperity. IV Vitamin Drip therapy addresses an energizing new world in permitting us to help a wide assortment of nutrient inadequacies and more.

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Tel: 031 023 0477

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Our Services Include:

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IV Drip
- Anti Inflammatory, pain, gout (R1250)
- Anti-inflammatory 1000ml (R1250)
- Anti-inflammatory 200ml (R1250)
- Biotin IV
- Detox 1000ml (R685)
- Detox 200ml (R685)
- Energy Booster 1000ml (R890)
- Energy Booster 200ml (R890)
- Fertility 200ml (R685)
- Glutathione 5ml (add in)
- Hangover/Jetlag 1000ml (R950)
- Hangover/Jetlag 200ml (R950)
- Immune Boost 1000ml (R685)
- Immune Boost 200ml (R685)
- Iron Drip (Rautevene) (R950)
- Jet Fuel 1000ml (R1100)
- Jet Fuel 200ml (R1100)
- Libido Boost 200ml
- Myers VitB12 & B Co Inj
- Rehydration Drip 1000ml
- Rehydration Drip 200ml
- Selenium
- Skin Brightening 200ml (R1250)
- SlimBoost Weightloss INJ 1x
- SlimBoost Weightloss INJ 4x
- Sport Endurance 1000ml (R1050)
- Sport Endurance 200ml (R1050)
- Testosterone Inj
- Trace Elements . 5 Minerals
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin BCo
- Vitamin C Boost 25ml
- Zinc

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

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