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Monday - Sunday: 9am - 6pm

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Shop 12 (next to Virgin Active)
Eco Park Boulevard
270 Witch Hazel street

Tel 1: 0718994541

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Our Services Include:

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- Adults (R200)
- Brush Cut (R80)
- Chiskop (R60)
- Fade cut (R90)
- Freestyle (R180)
- Mowhawk Cut (R150)
- Scissor cut (R120)
- Trim Only (R50)
- Wash (R30)

Hair - Braids
- 2 line plaits (R280)
- Ben & Betty (R150)
- Bob (R400)
- Braids Undo (R80)
- Freehand plait extended hairpiece(R290)
- Long Box Braids with hairpiece (R590)
- Long Box Braids with wool (R580)
- Long twist (R690)
- Medium box Braids with hairpiece (R500)
- Medium box Braids with wool (R450)
- Medium twist (R550)
- Own hair braids with elastics (R200)
- Short box Braids with hairpiece (R450)
- Short braids with wool (R400)
- Short twist (R490)
- ShortBox braids with hairpiece (R450)
- Straight back with braids (R380)

Hair - Dreadlocks
- Dreadlock starting (R320)
- Dreadlock styling (R250)
- Dreadlock twisting (R180)

Hair - Plaiting
- Adults braids (R700)
- Bantu Knots upgrade (R280)
- Bantu Knots with hairpiece/wool (R250)
- Bantu Knots with side braids (R280)
- Ben & Betty upgrade (R250)
- Cornrows Undo (R60)
- Freehand plait with Bantu Knots (R390)
- Freehand plait with hairpiece(R250)
- Freehand plait without hairpiece(R210)
- Maphondo with side braids (R320)
- Maphondo with wool/hairpiece (R200)
- Maphondo without Hairpiece/Wool (R160)
- Needle Cornrows with Hairpiece (R290)
- Needle Cornrows with short braids(R370)
- Needle Cornrows without Hairpiece (R250)
- Straight back / up / sideways (R320)
- Thick straight back (R280)
- Thick straight up (R300)

Hair - Wash & Treatment
- Blow Out (R170)
- Blow out relaxer (R170)
- Detangler Treatment (R180)
- Dreadlock wash (R90)
- Hair Curling (R150)
- Hair Wash (R90)
- Wash and undo (R120)

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