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The Sun and Beauty Room

Zinsell ZIN - Cell U Scope

R 650 - In Stock

Zinsel C – Cellu-Scape is a unique combination of Phyto and Micro nutrients, designed to help smooth the lumpy effects of cellulite by detoxifying the skin with the use of powerful antioxidants and circulation enhancer’s. Detoxifying allows the body to smooth out uneven skin texture and lumpiness.
● Omega 3’swhich are extremely important for the brain and nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system and skin.
● Centella Asiatica which is a natural anti inflammatory and improves overall tone and texture of the skin.
● Horsetailextract which is very important for skin health and is involved with circulation.
● OPC’swhich is a very powerful antioxidant.
● Dandelion extractwhich is a natural diuretic to help get rid of excess water retention and together helping to flush toxins.
● Guarana extractwhich is a natural stimulant to enhances energy levels and increase circulation.
● N-Acetyl – L-Carnitinewhich produces energy. L- Carnitine transports fat into mitochondria, where the fats are converted to energy. 400 times stronger than Vitamin C and E.
● Alpha lipolic Acid which is one of the most powerful antioxidants which fights off free radical damage and helps to slow down the aging process.
● Ginkgo Bilobawhich helps with improved cognitive function and helps one top stay focused on their goals.



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