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The Sun and Beauty Room

Zinsell ZIN - Skin Heal

R 525 - In Stock

The healing and beneficial properties in the ‘Skin Heal” formula will repair, rejuvenate and heals the most vital and the largest organ of your body. Zinc which is vital for the body’s immune system also regenerates and repairs skin cells. It brightens and energises the skin and its cells. Vit-e is extremely important and amazing for healing wounds and nourishing the skin from the inside out.
● Heals most skin disorders
● Anti-aging – builds new skin collagen
● Moisturising
● Removes and heals inflamed skin (redness)
● Has calming effects on stressed individuals
● Improves texture and tone of skin
● Smoothens and softens the skin
● Illuminates oily sheen (including T-Zone area)
● Prevents further breakouts
● Heals existing blemishes
● Improves nail and hair condition



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