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No Grow - Male Body 75ml

R 945 - In Stock

This strong formulation provides permanent removal of thick, androgen-driven male body hair.

Body hair removal for men. Get rid of the hair on your chest, back, neck, etc.
Are you are fed up with excessive hair growth on your chest, back, arms and legs? No Grow Male Body Hair Remover replicates the effects of laser hair removal to give you permanent hair loss and smooth skin.
This strong formulation provides permanent removal of thick, androgen-driven male body hair. For use on chest, arms, legs, back, neck, hands, etc. Growth Inhibitor shrinks the roots to for permanent hair removal.
Male body hair requires a stronger formulation to breakdown the protein structure of the hair than regular strength No Grow. Male Body Hair Remover solves this problem with a modified protein formulation which is designed to attack tough androgen-driven male body hair.
No Grow works above and below the skin. Once the hair shaft is dissolved this allows access to the hair root matrix where Hairfree state-of-the-art growth reduction technology – GSF2:0 – Growth Shield Factor 2:0 neutralises the root to reduce stimulation of new hair growth.
With continued use for the next 30 days all hairs in the growth cycle will be treated and you can achieve permanent hairloss.
● Formulated To Work On All Types Male Body Hair
● Shrinks The Hair Follicle To Stifle New Hair Growth
● Formulated For Normal/Average Body Hair
● Painlessly Shrinks Hair Root To Give You Hair Free Skin
● Achieve 99.5% Hair Reduction In 120 Days
● Easy To Use Wipe-On-Wipe-Off Cream



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