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The Sun and Beauty Room

Nimue Man Gel Wash D

R 548 - In Stock

A dual-action, deep cleansing and exfoliating face wash that can also be used as a shaving gel. This cleanser restores the skin’s barrier after shaving.

Featured benefits:

• Dual action facial wash
• Deep cleansing

Directions for use:

Massage into damp skin with wet fingertips for one minute.
Rinse with water.
Folllow with Nimue moisturiser and Nimue SPF.

Use AM and PM.

Main ingredients:

• 1.4%Triple AHA Complex
• Phytoliposome and Ceramide Complex

Suitable for:

• Environmental damaged skin
• Problematic acne-prone skin
• Hyper-pigmented skin
• Interactive (sensitive) skin



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